Kids, Cats, and Clothes

Kids, Cats, and Clothes

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated!  Lots of happenings around here!

Let’s see… first, Mom is still doing well!  She has been enjoying the peace of being home and just taking care of herself (finally!)  We went to go see her shortly after she returned home and she is looking good!

Jaren has started soccer and karate again and is loving them both, as usual.  Our weekends with him are pretty packed!  Every time I see him in karate though, I always wish I could do it, too.  Maybe someday when I can get over how silly I think I’d look, I can try it.  It’d be nice to get Mike back into karate, even though it’s a different style than what he previously trained in.  I think it would be good for him.

Rhonin has had his birthday and he’s a whole 4 years old now!  He had a Superhero Training Camp party at the inflatable gym.  The party went well and he really enjoyed himself.  Lovinia did a great job on the party favors and every guest took home a Superhero Cape!

Kerensa is doing well and almost has two teeth now!  She was working on one for a while, but the second is mostly through now.  She’s also really taken to rolling herself over and seems to show a lot more interest in it!

Merrick is having a great time at daycare and being a happy little boy!  He is sometimes pulling himself up to his knees!  The twins just keep getting more mobile, so we made a whole play pen arena in our living room so they have a safe place to roll around.  They really seem to love it!

We also have added another member to the family: Oryan is back!  Will said that she wasn’t getting the attention she needed at his home, and that the dog would pick on her quite a bit, so he was going to rehome her.  I immediately texted him and asked for her back.  She adjusted very well to the other kitties.  I can’t really say they all adjusted to her well though!  They have all taken their turn bugging her, but she doens’t seem too phased by it.  She’s been taking up her old usual spot next to me on the couch and at night.  :)  I’ve missed her so much!

We also had to replace the carnival fish.  So now we have Pete 2.0!  He’s a fantail goldfish.  I told Jaren and Rhonin that since he’s their fish, they need to feed him.  So they’ve both been taking turns feeding the goldfish and even the kitties.  I think this was a great way to teach them some responsibility.  Plus, he’s kinda cute.  :)

And lastly, The Just Between Friends Consignment Event just took place and I sold a bunch of old Rhonin and baby items that we just weren’t using anymore.  I didn’t make as much as I would have liked, but given that it was very little effort for me, it was worth it.  I also did some shopping for the kids while I was there.  I’ve been going through all the clothes that are too small for the babies now and getting rid of those, too!  It feels good to purge things!  I think it would feel even better if I weren’t replenishing it all with larger sizes!  Let’s just say that all my kids have a wide variety of clothing options available to them!

Anyway, I’ll try not to let it go so long between updates!  School has just been kicking my bum lately and I’m too tired to do much else other than school, work, and kids!  See ya soon!


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