Packed Weekend

Packed Weekend

It seems as though life has picked up yet again!  I am running around non-stop!  From appointments to paperwork, I don’t think there’s a single moment in the day where I’m not doing something on my To Do List!  Maybe I should write “Get some rest” on that list!

Mike and I took all the kids to the Fair this last weekend!  They all behaved and had a great time!  Rhonin was even daring enough to drag Mike on his first roller coaster!  That’s “first roller coaster” for Mike and for Rhonin!  Jaren was a little more reserved and sat with me and the babies while they went.  They had fun on the Carousel, the racecars, and even the little canoe ride.  I have pictures from all the rides!  They rode some rides for a bit and even played a couple carnival games.  Jaren was really excited about the ballon and dart game so we had to give it a try.  The carnival guy gave us three darts, so a good compromise was for each of us to throw a dart.  Jaren concentrated so very hard, but ended up missing.  I popped a balloon with mine, and tried to give Rhonin some instructions on how to hold the dart.  He totally ignored me and just tossed it haphazardly at the wall of balloons.  It hit the bottom board and bounced up, popping a balloon as it went.  Jaren was rather surprised at his luck!  The carnival guy was very nice and gave us two small prizes instead of the one medium prize.  So both boys walked away with green fuzzy dice!  After that, the boys had a blast at the Pirate Play Area for the younger kids.  They even stuck around for the ventriloquist’s show, where Jaren was able to get up on stage and help out!

After that fun-filled part of the day, we somehow wrangled the two bags of energy into the car for a trip to Nana’s house.  Auntie Ali was quite happy about this!  We quasi-celebrated Jaren’s birthday all over again since Auntie Ali was away in Florida for the first celebration!  She made him a blue cake!  (Very tasty!)

My father even came out and mets the twins!  He said they were quite cute, and really, I have to agree!  (They turned 8 months old on Sunday, too.)  It was great to see him again.  I don’t get to see him very often, unfortunately.

Anyway, seeing all the cross stitch exhibits at the Fair really motivated me to get mine done.  My mother and I calculated that if I work on it at the pace I have been, it’ll take me about 4 years to finish.  If I manage to work on it daily, it’ll take me 2 years.  I am really hoping I can keep my motivation up!  My piece would blow the judges away for the Fair!  I think mine would be nicer than all of the other projects that were submitted this year.  The winners this year were nice, but mine is going to be much better!  It’ll be incredible… when it’s finished.  Now I just have to finish it…  I’ll keep you all posted on it’s progress!  Til next time… Cheers!

Finally!  An Update!

Finally! An Update!

Wow, I have been awful at updating this blog!  I’ve had it open for months, trying to remind myself!  I have so much to update with, it seems!

Well, one thing since my last update: I finished out my semester at SSU!  This was a big accomplishment for me since I was so busy and had so much on my plate.  I finished my classes and got a 3.0 as well!  I was just very impressed with myself that I was able to finish, let alone do well!  Organic Chemistry, Biology, etc… It was a decently difficult semester!  Add on top of that a full time job, and being pregnant with twins!  I figured the next semester I take at SSU will be easy since I’ll have twins at home.  I am currently taking Intro Biology.  Having taken the thirs Bio class in the series last semester, these two Intro Bio classes will be much simpler!

Next, I had the twins!  They were born November 28th at 9:07am and 9:08am.  Kerensa is older by a minute!  She will probably never let Merrick live that down, too.  The C-section wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.  My doctor is pretty awesome and calmed my nerves.  The recovery is definitely longer than a vaginal birth, but it wasn’t too bad as long as I stayed current on my pain medications!  I made the mistake of missing a couple doses one day and I spent that evening on the bed, writhing in pain.  I never made that mistake again!  We stayed an extra night in the hospital because Ren and Merrick were having trouble maintaining their weight.  They lost too much, so we had to force feed them high calorie formula for a bit.

They have been doing well so far.  We are trying to get them on a good sleep schedule.  Unfortunately, they have their good and their bad days.  Today was one of the latter.  The twins didn’t think naps were necessary and they only napped for about 10 minutes at a time.  We did get one stretch of 17 minutes, but that was it.  They’ve been tag-teaming us all day!  One will settle down and the other will get riled up!  By the time you’ve changed, fed, and burped the upset one… the calm one has woken up!  It’s been a long day for us today.

We had professional pictures of the family taken, too!  They are gorgeous!  I need to pick out the ones I love and get them ordered!  They are online at:

I am also working on the children’s web photo galleries.  There’s a link up at the top there.  I’m hoping to add a lot more pictures and get their sites working as soon as I can!

So I’m hoping I’ll be able to update here a bit more often.  The first 7.5 weeks of the twins has robbed me of my time!  But we’re getting a little extra time here and there, so I’ll make a better effort!  :)

Swamped with School

Swamped with School

Oh, so much has happened since I last updated.  I’ve been so busy with school starting and attempting to keep up with work, that I hadn’t a chance to update for a couple weeks.  I try to update weekly, but I was so overwhelmed.

Obviously, I started school again.  Yay for Fall semester at Sonoma State University.  I am currently in Organic Chemistry, Biology, and an Education and Early Child Development class (for GE requirements).  So far, my teachers have been great.  I told them all that I was expecting (as if it wasn’t obvious), and they are all willing to work with me if the babies come early.

In taking more chemistry and biology, I’ve come to the decision that I really would like to change my major to Biology.  That’s what I had originally applied for when I applied to the school.  But it was impacted and I lacked two critical classes.  I am going to take them next semester in Spring, and then change my major after that.

This week has been busy.  I had my first midterms in Organic Chemistry and Biology.  One after another.  I feel strangely confident in them, which can either be a really good thing or a really bad one!  Here’s to hoping it’s a good sign.  I should find out next week.

Thanks God it’s Friday, though.  I plan on taking it easy this weekend.  People have been saying at work that I “look very tired”.  And I am!  I’m exhausted!  I intend to crochet a bit this weekend, and perhaps get some homework done in advance.  (I know, right?  Jillian do homework in advance?)

Anyway, off to another class.  I will update again soon.  I hope I am able to update on Monday and get back into my ‘weekly’ schedule.  Til then.. take care everyone!