Finally!  An Update!

Finally! An Update!

Wow, I have been awful at updating this blog!  I’ve had it open for months, trying to remind myself!  I have so much to update with, it seems!

Well, one thing since my last update: I finished out my semester at SSU!  This was a big accomplishment for me since I was so busy and had so much on my plate.  I finished my classes and got a 3.0 as well!  I was just very impressed with myself that I was able to finish, let alone do well!  Organic Chemistry, Biology, etc… It was a decently difficult semester!  Add on top of that a full time job, and being pregnant with twins!  I figured the next semester I take at SSU will be easy since I’ll have twins at home.  I am currently taking Intro Biology.  Having taken the thirs Bio class in the series last semester, these two Intro Bio classes will be much simpler!

Next, I had the twins!  They were born November 28th at 9:07am and 9:08am.  Kerensa is older by a minute!  She will probably never let Merrick live that down, too.  The C-section wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.  My doctor is pretty awesome and calmed my nerves.  The recovery is definitely longer than a vaginal birth, but it wasn’t too bad as long as I stayed current on my pain medications!  I made the mistake of missing a couple doses one day and I spent that evening on the bed, writhing in pain.  I never made that mistake again!  We stayed an extra night in the hospital because Ren and Merrick were having trouble maintaining their weight.  They lost too much, so we had to force feed them high calorie formula for a bit.

They have been doing well so far.  We are trying to get them on a good sleep schedule.  Unfortunately, they have their good and their bad days.  Today was one of the latter.  The twins didn’t think naps were necessary and they only napped for about 10 minutes at a time.  We did get one stretch of 17 minutes, but that was it.  They’ve been tag-teaming us all day!  One will settle down and the other will get riled up!  By the time you’ve changed, fed, and burped the upset one… the calm one has woken up!  It’s been a long day for us today.

We had professional pictures of the family taken, too!  They are gorgeous!  I need to pick out the ones I love and get them ordered!  They are online at:

I am also working on the children’s web photo galleries.  There’s a link up at the top there.  I’m hoping to add a lot more pictures and get their sites working as soon as I can!

So I’m hoping I’ll be able to update here a bit more often.  The first 7.5 weeks of the twins has robbed me of my time!  But we’re getting a little extra time here and there, so I’ll make a better effort!  :)

Pictures of the Future.  In 3D!

Pictures of the Future. In 3D!

Mike and I elected to do a 3D ultrasound of our twins.  We wanted the pictures to show to family that aren’t living near us, from Sacramento, Connecticut, Australia, and New Zealand.  We elected to do it a bit early at 20 weeks.  Yes, I knew the babies would appear a little “skeletal” as they are so young, but I figured that since they are twins, there will be less and less room the longer we put it off.  I sort of had to convince Mike that it was going to be worth it this early.

We went to Prenatal Peek for the ultrasound.  I went there in the past for a 3D ultrasound of Rhonin and was very pleased.  This time was no different.  Our technician was very nice!  I got to lay down on a comfy bed and Mike sat next to me, holding my hand.  He started on my right side and said, “Looks like this is your girl!”  I was a bit shocked since the girl has always been on the left!  I said, “Oh!  Then make sure it’s a boy on the other side!”  I admit, I may have freaked out a little bit.  But yes, they are still a boy and still a girl.

The little boy was all about taking pictures and looking so snuggly.  He curled up and went into a “cannonball” position.  I thought he looked a little like his father with that cute face!  The girl, however, was a bit more modest, as usual.  Once the ultrasound wand was on my belly, she curled up and turned her back to us.  After changing positions to try to get a good look at her face, we moved on to the boy again.  Right before the session was over, we tried again and finally got a couple images of her face.  I may be totally biased, but I thought they were both adorable!  (Just like little Jaren and little Rhonin!  Those two are overflowing with Cute, too!)

Mike held my hand the entire time.  It was so sweet!  We got some good pictures and a video of them, too.  All in all, it was worth it.  Even if they are a little thin!

Despite the stress and the fact we will be so busy and perhaps overwhelmed, I can’t wait until December to meet these little ones.  I am excited to see Mike meet his children, too.  They aren’t even here yet and I already love them as much as Jaren and Rhonin!  I guess that is just what happens when you’re a mother.  :)