It’s Been So Long!

It’s Been So Long!

I know it’s been forever since I did an actual update, and for that, I am sorry.  Please forgive me!  I have been so overwhelmingly busy that sitting down to write something would have resulted in my flat out, face down on the keyboard.  Drooling, most likely.  It’s just not a good picture!

Let’s see, since the last update, we have moved.  We didn’t move far.  Just to another apartment in the same building!  We needed another bedroom for when the twins come, so this was a good choice.  We are now are the third floor, and it’s nice to not hear elephants bouncing above us.  I try my best to make sure Rhonin and Jaren aren’t running or jumping around the house just so we don’t become “the elephants” to our downstairs neighbors.  The new place also has a better view of the hills, and not just another apartment building!  Plus, not being right over the pool sure has it’s benefits.

The move went smoothly, although it was a lot of work.  We hired movers to help with the big items and they were so fast and efficient that we almost ran out of things for them to move!  (In case anyone is curious, they are from a company called Beal’s Moving.  Highly recommended by Mike and myself.)  And in the end, no one let me lift a thing.  I did get my work in by unpacking boxes for them as fast as I could.  Even now, we still have some boxes to sort, but we’re mostly ‘put together’!

I have been keeping up in school and doing the best I can.  I just got my second Organic Chemistry midterm back, and didn’t do amazing… but I guess I’ll live.  I could have done worse, for sure.

Mike and I now have Jaren for Monday nights as well.  He heads back to his dad’s house after school on Tuesday.  The morning routine can be a bit crazy with Rhonin there, too.  But overall, it’s gone pretty well.  After dropping Rhonin off at school, chatting with Jaren while driving, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s wise beyond his years.  But probably a bit overly worried!  A radio announcement came on for the “Win $1,000″ contest.  He promptly told me that I should enter it because he could use $1,000 to “buy a computer for college”!  When I told him that he will get one and doesn’t need to worry, he said, “Well, then I could use the money to save food for college!”  I think he should just focus on 2nd grade first!  He did amazingly well with his homework packet.  I was quite impressed.  He had until Friday to do it all, but by Monday night, only one page was left.  I’m so proud of him!

Rhonin’s been doing well in school as well.  He’s so articulate now, it’s rather impressive.  He comes up with things all on his own!  “Mommy!  When I older, I bigger, I get a blue motorbike and go fast, okay?”  I mean, what do you say to that?  It was so cute, of course I agreed!  Now, I just have to figure out what to tell him if he remembers that conversation at age 18!  His school drop offs have been okay.  He does cling and cry “No, Mommy, don’t go!” a bit, but his teacher, Miss Kelly, is great!  She’ll hold him and cuddle him while I walk out of sight.  Most of the time, he’s calm again by the time I reach the door.  I miss those little guys when they are at school!

As for me, I’m getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the day.  I’m holding out as long as I can, though.  I would love to take time off now, but Pregnancy Disability and Paid Family Leave only pay 55% of your wages.  Since we won’t be able to function on that, I don’t have much of a choice than to stick it out as long as I can.  I joke with my doctor and coworkers that I’ll probably go into labor at work.  I don’t think they realize… I’m not really joking!  It’s the reality of it.  Perhaps when I’m off work, I can find some things to do on the side that will make up the difference.  I would love to take months off, but 55% is a rather large cut for us!

My hands and feet as swelling and it’s getting painful.  Walking isn’t any fun since the soles of my feet are sore.  And my fingers feel like I have arthritis in them!  I did have to take off my wedding ring, but I wear it on a necklace around my neck to keep it safe.  I just wouldn’t feel right without it!

And on a random side note, I made some nice Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Shells, and the boys loved them!  There is something to nice about hearing Jaren and Rhonin both say they “love the spinach” and eat so much of their dinner!  Jaren even cleared his plate.  I feel a lot like a good mother when stuff like that happens.  (Much like my own Mom!)  And the last random bit of “news”… I successfully showed off my skills by putting in a new shower head!  It’s got an arm so poor Mike doesn’t have to bend his knees just to get under the water.  We had some trouble with it having very low pressure, so I took it apart and removed the flow restricter.  Now it works much better than before!  I’m so proud of myself and my ‘handyman’ skills.  Yay!

Anyway, I promise I won’t let the next update take so long!  Thanks for being so patient with me!  See you guys soon!