Restless Mustard and Bitter Kangaroo

Given that I have family in Sacramento, Connecticut, New York, and even Australia and New Zealand, one would think an online blog would be a pretty smart idea. It is an instant way to keep in touch with everyone at once! There is so much going on in my life that I simply don’t have time to email everyone that I hope to keep in contact with. Perhaps if I can update a blog regularly, it’ll become a great place to stop by to get some updates. (Not to mention some awesome pictures of the kids!)

So that was my reason for starting a blog. I feel I’m creative enough to come up with topics for the blog, as well. Despite the fact that I’m not a comedian, I do hope my posts are interesting enough to keep your attention and encourage you to comment and say hello!

And please, don’t mind the post title. Those were two of the ‘suggestions’ that came up when I was contemplating what to call my new blog! They made me giggle.  :)

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