Growing Up So Fast

Growing Up So Fast

Another week down, and I’m still alive!  I’m not quite sure how I’ve survived, either!  It’s been a tiring week!

Of course, I’ve been keeping up in school.  I’m taking Intro Biology classes so I can change my major from Biochemistry to Biology.  I’m not going to say these classes are ‘easy’, but they are a nice pace.  Especially since I have the twins at home now!

I’ve met some pretty awesome people in my classes so far.  They make attending class and lab a bit more fun.  :)  Of course, I still miss my classmates from other classes, too.  I may be in their classes again next semester.

We got the news that SSU is not going to offer the Intro Biology series anymore after this semester.  Biol 121, 122, and 123 are leaving us!  They are going to be introducing a new class in it’s place so that the General Chemistry class won’t be a bottleneck anymore.  (121, 122, and 123 require Gen Chem and people can’t get into that class easily!)  I feel bad for those that will be stuck in the middle of that class swap.  How confusing!  Luckily for me, I am taking 121 and 122 together this semester, so I will be done with the series when they stop offering it.

Anyway, the twins are doing great here at home.  I’d give you guys new weights for them, but I had to reschedule their appointment due to class times.  They’ll get in to get weighed again next week.  I believe they get their 2 month shots then, too… so let’s hope that goes okay!  They are getting so big, too.  It’s noticeable!  It’s crazy to think I’ll never have a ‘newborn’ ever again.. but I’m okay with that.  :)  My family is complete!

Rhonin is doing well.  He’s been such an awesome big brother and is really taking his new role seriously.  He will always ask to “kiss the babies” when we are holding them, and put his stuffed animals next to them so they can play with them, too.  It’s rather cute!  He also has recently just said “goodnight” and climbed into bed when it was bedtime.  On his own!  He’s getting so big!  I am so proud of the lil dude!

And Jaren was recently promoted from a white belt to a yellow belt in karate!  I am so proud.  When attending his class recently, the teachers were caught up in something and were going to be rather late.  So this group of 7 and 8 year old kids organized the class on their own and started practicing their karate before the teachers arrived.  However they are teaching discipline to those children, it’s working.  I was very impressed!

At this point, the babies are asleep, so I really should be taking this small window of opportunity to get some rest, too.  But I couldn’t leave you guys without a quick update!

Oh, and I’m getting the kids’ photo galleries going soon.  I need to add the pictures, but at least they are designed now.  I am hoping to get them updated with some recent pictures within the next week or two.  So don’t forget to check back!  :)

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