With the upcoming advertisements for the Fair coming back to town, I am painfully aware of my incredibly slow progress on my cross stitch project.  (Lovingly termed the “Monster Cross Stitch Project” or “MCSP” for short!)  I am hoping to eventually finish it someday and enter it into the Fair’s exhibits.  But unfortunately, I cannot enter it into any Fair when it’s not even close to being done!  I know that it wouldn’t be close to being done as I anticipated it taking at least a year.  But at this rate, it’ll take me 10 years!  I need to get a move on with it!

I am dying to work on it, but every night I go home, I end up being too tired to do much of anything.  Even tonight, I have things to do, so I won’t be able to work on it tonight either.  However, I am hoping I will get time this weekend.  I am really excited for it and I really want to see it finished.  I also want to prove all the doubters wrong!  It is possible for me to finish a project.  I swear!

In other news, I finally got my van.  I had been hoping to get one for at least the last year.  With the twins, it wasn’t possible to fit the whole family in the car at once!  We had to take two cars everywhere.  It was a pain the bum!  I have never been so excited before over getting a van!  It’s quite nice, though.  I even have a backup camera!  And tinted windows!  (All standard!)  And of course, I got red.  A Dark Cherry Red.  It’s beautiful!  Maybe with the next update, I’ll include a picture or something.  Maybe.

Anyway, back to my rather large To-Do List.  Wish me luck in finding time to finish more of my cross stitch project!

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