Learning my Lesson

Learning my Lesson

This last Saturday was Rhonin’s second swim lesson.  We had a fun, eventful day planned.  And while we got ‘eventful’, it wasn’t quite what we had planned!

We lost track of the time and ended up running late to his swim lesson.  Since I wanted to give him as much time in the pool as possible, we rushed over to the club.  I dressed in my swimsuit for the “Parent-Tot” class, with some jeans and rubber flip flops.  I was dressed and ready to go!  We got to the club, and I wasn’t really sure which parking lot to park in.  I just instructed Mike to park in the upper level.  No idea why!  We parked, and I quickly collected Rhonin and began to walk towards the pool while carrying him.  There were about 6 or 7 concrete steps leading from one parking lot to the other.  I started down them and got about halfway when my foot slipped in my shoe.  I felt it twist and began to fall.

“Oh snap!  Oh God, please don’t let Rhonin get hurt!” was the thought that went through my mind.  I turned to my right a little to avoid falling forward with him and fell to the ground.  My right elbow and left hand took the impact.  Of course, Mike and Jaren rushed over to see if Rhonin and I were okay.  Rhonin had landed while still in my arms, so he was completely fine.  He didn’t have a scratch on him.  My elbow and ankle didn’t quite have such good luck.  I limped to the pool and Rhonin had his swim lesson.

On Sunday, my ankle still was extremely tender, so I opted to head to the ER.  I normally wouldn’t, but I was worried that maybe I had broken a bone in my foot.  After some quick X-rays, it was determined that I didn’t fracture any bones, but I had a bone contusion.  (Bone bruise where the bone tissue is damaged, but there is no clear defined break.)  I was told bone contusions can take as long as a fracture to heal and are about as painful.  Great!  I was sent home with instruction to rest, use ice and compression, and elevate my foot.  They didn’t use an ultrasound to check on the twins because I had fallen backwards and had not had any pain or bleeding.  I could also feel them moving around a bit, too.  I would like to get them checked on soon, though.  Just to ease my mind a little.

I woke up Monday morning with about ten times as much pain as the day before.  After getting the boys ready for school and “grandma’s house”, Mike helped get me to work, since I can’t drive at the moment.  I went back to Urgent Care since I was unable to walk.  They seemed a bit shocked that the ER didn’t give me a splint and crutches.  “You shouldn’t be walking on that at all!”  After a new splint and a nice shiney pair of crutches, I am feeling much, much better!

As for Rhonin’s swimming lesson, he did so well!  He wasn’t too into listening to the instructor, though.  He noticed the other girl in the class blowing bubbled underwater and decided to try it.  I wanted to make sure he understood that he had to take a breath and hold it before dunking his face underwater.  (Worry much, Mommy?)  I just didn’t want him to get water in his nose!  After the teacher ended the class, we packed up and headed out to get Frozen Yogurt, which was Mom’s best idea of the day!

And Jaren was able to stay over an extra night!  We dropped him off at his grandparent’s house this morning.  I felt bad because he wanted to see Rhonin’s school, but due to a time crunch, we had to drop him off first.  I told him next time he’s over, we can go see Rhonin’s school first.  I’m hoping by then I’m able to walk around much better and it won’t take us so long to get out the door.  It was rather fun doing the “morning thing” with Jaren.  I hate feeling like I’m the “Disneyland Mom” that he only sees on the weekends.  Getting him up and ready for the day and finishing his homework after school are two of those little things I miss and would love to do more of!

So it was a rather ‘eventful’ weekend.  I don’t think I would have made it through the weekend if it weren’t for the amazing help of my awesome husband, Mike.  Mike has had to help me do just about everything, from standing up to walk to the bathroom, to somehow getting myself situated sitting safely in the shower!  He’s been great, and I thank him for everything he’s done.  Even both of the boys helped.  They would get things for me if I asked, and helped clean up as well.  Jaren would say, “Poor Mommy” and you could hear the concern in his voice.  Rhonin would kiss my pant leg and give me hugs.  I don’t know what I’d do without all three of my guys.  They are all amazing, and I’m so lucky to have them all.

This weekend is a great reminder to listen to my kids, too.  Jaren said, “This is why you shouldn’t rush down stairs!” and Rhonin reminded me, “No running in flip flops!”  I’ve got such smart children.  :)


  1. Rhonin was putting his face in the pool in Hawaii. So he has had some experience with that. Nice to see that Jaren got to spend extra time with you and Mike. Did Jaren get to go swimming too?? I wish we had the pool like on Yvonne Way. So hot here….today 106 and tomorrow expected 109 !! Cant remember when it was so hot like this. I think of you all the time….Big Hugs ~ Mom

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