Swamped with School

Swamped with School

Oh, so much has happened since I last updated.  I’ve been so busy with school starting and attempting to keep up with work, that I hadn’t a chance to update for a couple weeks.  I try to update weekly, but I was so overwhelmed.

Obviously, I started school again.  Yay for Fall semester at Sonoma State University.  I am currently in Organic Chemistry, Biology, and an Education and Early Child Development class (for GE requirements).  So far, my teachers have been great.  I told them all that I was expecting (as if it wasn’t obvious), and they are all willing to work with me if the babies come early.

In taking more chemistry and biology, I’ve come to the decision that I really would like to change my major to Biology.  That’s what I had originally applied for when I applied to the school.  But it was impacted and I lacked two critical classes.  I am going to take them next semester in Spring, and then change my major after that.

This week has been busy.  I had my first midterms in Organic Chemistry and Biology.  One after another.  I feel strangely confident in them, which can either be a really good thing or a really bad one!  Here’s to hoping it’s a good sign.  I should find out next week.

Thanks God it’s Friday, though.  I plan on taking it easy this weekend.  People have been saying at work that I “look very tired”.  And I am!  I’m exhausted!  I intend to crochet a bit this weekend, and perhaps get some homework done in advance.  (I know, right?  Jillian do homework in advance?)

Anyway, off to another class.  I will update again soon.  I hope I am able to update on Monday and get back into my ‘weekly’ schedule.  Til then.. take care everyone!

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